Heaton, Derek Christian

Born on the East coast of Canada into the Miqmak Nation, Derek was adopted by a Norwegian mother and a Canadian father. Derek was always an artist from his earliest days.

Atchealak, Davie

I see our ancestors moving in my mind and they are my real subject matter. I will only make what I know and recognize. That’s all that interests me. It must make sense as I wish to fool no-one. My works do not come from dreams. Dreams are partly nonsense, partly real. I consciously work on each image. I can’t really call it work, can I? Workers seem to live for paydays, making plans for the wages they’ll receive. I never know when I sell a piece or how much it will bring.

Ishulutak, Archie

Archie Ishulutak is in his forties and was born in Pangnirtung, Nunavut Territory, Canada.

He is related to Elisapee Isulutak and to Jaco and Lassaloosie Isulutak who are Elisapee’s sons and well known Pangnirtung sculptors.

Takpannie, Tommy Jr.

Tommy Takpannie Junior comes from a family of talented artists. His father, Tommy Takpannie Senior is a carver that is well known for his polar bear pieces. Tommy Jr.

Shorty, Richard

Living in Vancouver, B.C., Richard Shorty has been an artist since 1965. Born in Whitehorse, Yukon, he started his career with portraits of rock stars, wildlife and scenic realism.

Schlagk, Heidi

Born in Berlin, Germany, Heidi Schlagk explored different art mediums, from painting to clothing design.

Samayualie, Michael

Michael, one of the young carvers in Cape Dorset, has been carving for five years. He learned from his brother Ottokie. Micheal said that he likes to carve, especially marble bears.

Laurin, Francine

Francine Laurin was born in Sainte-Scholastique and studied art at the Universite du Quebec a Trois Rivieres. Today, her artwork is exhibited in Quebec City, Montreal, as well as in Europe.

Chee Chee, Benjamin

Born in Temagami, Ontario, Chee Chee largely taught himself to draw and paint.

Sharky, Napachie

Napatchie was inspired to start carving by his stepfather, the renowned artist Shorty Kiliktee. He finds carving a joyful and pleasurable experience.