Qiatsuq, Palaya

Palaya is the son of the well-known sculptor and printmaker Lukta Qiatsuq. Palaya learned how to carve at the age of twelve by watching his father.

Parr, Nuna

Nuna Parr comes from an artistic family. His parents, the late Parr, and Eleeshushe, are renowned graphic artists from the older generation. His brother, Epirvik, is also a carver.

Baker, Richard

Richard E. Baker (Feb 12, 1962) is of the Squamish Nation in North Vancouver, BC, Capilano Indian Reserve. Richard is an International known artist for his North West Coast Art, as well as entrepreneur in the construction and the timber industries.

Larance, Steve Wikviya

Internationally renowned master Hopi jeweler, Steve Wikviya Larance has won many awards for his unique Tufa Cast Jewelry at many prestigious shows including Eitljorg Museum Indian Market (Indianapolis, IN), the Heard Museum Art Market (Phoenix, AZ) and Santa Fe Indian Market (Santa Fe, NM).

Manomie, Tukiki

Tukiki’s parents Davidee Mannumi and Paunichea, as well as his brothers Axangayu Shaa and Qavavau Mannumi, are also artists.

He started to carve at the very young age of six, and he is among a handful of Inuit artists that have started at such a young age.

Pootoogook, Cee

Cee Pootoogook was born in 1967 in Cape Dorset on Baffin Island. Cee comes from an illustrious family. Both his mother Napatchie and his grandmother Pitseolak Ashoona were renowned artists.

Joseph, Chester

Chester Joseph was born on the Capilano reserve in 1963. His mother is from the eagle clan on Vancouver Island.He is best known for his bright red salmon eggs and his artwork is sought after throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Desbiens, Delores

Dolores Desbiens est une artiste-peintre d’origine autochtone,qui par sa passion d

Shaa, Pudlalik

Pudlalik started to carve at the age of 12 by watching his father Axangayuk. Among his favorite subjects are birds, transformations and walruses. His style is refined and polished and he displays his talent by skillfully balancing many of his pieces on one leg.

Ragee, Joannie

Joanie learned how to carve from his brother Siutiapiq and his grandfather Inuk Munamie who are also artists.