Lonning, Odin

Odin Lonning (Tlingit name Sh

Elijah, Michael

A carver all of his adult life, Michael was known for his sculptures of arctic wildlife, as well for his depictions of family, Inuit games, and “Owl Women” (serpentine owls with thick women’s braids). One of his sculptures was given as a gift by former Prime Minister Jean Chretien to Pope John Paul II during a visit to Canada.

Totan, Mark

Mark is a self-taught artist who has been carving sculptures in soapstone for many years. Each carving is original and depicts the history, symbols and lifestyle of native people of Canada.

Qimirpik, Pits (Pitseolak)

PThis promising young artist

Oman, Dawn

Dawn Oman, a Metis artist born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, is a direct descendant of Chief Snuff, Chief of the Yellow Knives, one of the signers of the original Treaty 8 with the Government of Canada.

Komangapik, Ruben Anton

Ruben Anton Komangapik, Inuit jeweller, sculptor, carver, metalworker, performing artist and musician, is fully engaged and enriched by art. He is best known for his unique jewellery and metalwork as well as his expressive sculptures.

Fontaine, Richard, Menutan

Richard Fontaine “Menutan” was born March 6th 1967 and dead January 18th 2011 in Mani-Utenam, North-Coast of the Saint-Lawrence River, Quebec. He began to paint in his thirties. He used to paint on canvas, fabric or leather. His art features emblematics figures of past and present Native culture, moving portraits of Innu people and intense scenographies of animals and natural landscapes in the Quebec wilderness.

Kelly, Noah

Born in cape Dorset, Nunavut October 2, 1978, Noah Kelly has established himself as a remarkably skilled artist. Noah prefers to carve in soapstone from Cape Dorset and his main subject matter is bears and walruses

Youngfox, Cecil

Before his untimely death in 1987 at age 45, Cecil Youngfox had established himself as one of Canada’s leading native artists, renowned for his vivid, sensitive images of native cultural traditions.

Noel, Maxine

Maxine was born in Manitoba of Santee Oglala Sioux parents.