Pee, Tim

Tim comes from a traditional lifestyle family. He learned how to carve from his grandfather Aoula Pee at the age of 11.

Etidloie, Isacie

IIsaac is a gifted artist who learned how to carve from his father. Like his father, Isaci likes to carve birds, but he is equally interested in portraying the human figure and mythological imagery, and that is where his great technical control in depicting the movement and proportions is best represented.

Simionie, Eegeesiak

Eegeesiak Simionie was born on June 16, 1946 in Lake Harbour which is located on Baffin Island in Canada’s high arctic (Nunavut Territory). He was son of the late Inuit carver Simionie Kowjakoolook of Lake Harbour.

Akpaliapik, Manasie

“Everything that I’m doing is trying to capture some of the culture, about my traditions, simple things like hunting, wearing traditional clothing, harpoons, using legends. I feel that the only way we can preserve the culture is if people can see it.”

Totan, Clivelon

Clivelon Totan is a 32 year old Inuit carver born and raised in Hall Beach N.W.T. Clivelon is the son of Master carver Mark Totan.

Pudlat, Johnnylee (Johnilee)

Johnny Lee comes from an illustrious family. His father was Saila Pudlat, also a carver, and his grandfather was Oshutsiaq Pudloo. He learned how to carve around the age of 12, by watching Nuna Parr and Kiuwak Ashoona carve.

Reid, Bill

One of Canada

Genaille, Steve

Steve Genaille is Swampy Cree from Northern Manitobah. He has been creating his own sculptures for 23 year and has carvings in private collections and galleries across the country and in private collections around the world. He was a featured artist at the 1999 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg and has taught to individuals and institutions across Canada.

Blueflint, Tim

Chippewa/Comanche, raised into the arts of music and dance, Tim Blueflint makes hight quality traditionnal flutes. With precious woods or modern material, he features a flutes collection which will allow anyone to find his/her style and practice at any level. Enter the universe of Shade of the Rez.

Teevee, Ekid

Ekidluaq learned how to carve stone at the age of 14 from Napachie Ashoona. He enjoys carving anything unusual, but he is particulary good at carving polar bears and birds. Observing animals when going out on the land fishing and hunting inspires him.