papatsie, Ame

Ame Papatsie has designed many drawings and paintings, numerous logos, murals, tattoos, and computer graphics using images from his cultural heritage. He has also created sealskin masks and chessboards. Ame has perfected and is famous for his technique of drawing simultaneously with both hands in perfect symmetry. He has been an invited artist at the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association\\\’s annual arts festival since 2003, and in was twice invited to participate in the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik- where he received two awards- Most Valuable Participant and Spiritual Artist Award. He is an active member of the arts community in Nunavut as the Chairman of the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association and a board member for the Inuit Artists Association.

Akpaliapik, Manasie

“Everything that I’m doing is trying to capture some of the culture, about my traditions, simple things like hunting, wearing traditional clothing, harpoons, using legends. I feel that the only way we can preserve the culture is if people can see it.”

Pudlat, Johnnylee (Johnilee)

Johnny Lee comes from an illustrious family. His father was Saila Pudlat, also a carver, and his grandfather was Oshutsiaq Pudloo. He learned how to carve around the age of 12, by watching Nuna Parr and Kiuwak Ashoona carve.

Baker, Richard

Richard E. Baker (Feb 12, 1962) is of the Squamish Nation in North Vancouver, BC, Capilano Indian Reserve. Richard is an International known artist for his North West Coast Art, as well as entrepreneur in the construction and the timber industries.

Manomie, Tukiki

Tukiki’s parents Davidee Mannumi and Paunichea, as well as his brothers Axangayu Shaa and Qavavau Mannumi, are also artists.

He started to carve at the very young age of six, and he is among a handful of Inuit artists that have started at such a young age.

Adla, Ashevak

Ashevak Adla was born on February 22, 1977, at the nursing station in Cape Dorset, Baffin Island, Northwest Territories. He is the eldest child of Kumajuk and David Adla, and the grandson of Cape Dorset carver Audla Pee.

Etidloie, Kelly

Kellypalik (Kelly) was born April 26, 1966 and is the son of the well-known Cape Dorset artists Etidlooie and Kingmeata.

Genaille, Steve

Steve Genaille is Swampy Cree from Northern Manitobah. He has been creating his own sculptures for 23 year and has carvings in private collections and galleries across the country and in private collections around the world. He was a featured artist at the 1999 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg and has taught to individuals and institutions across Canada.

Teevee, Ekid

Ekidluaq learned how to carve stone at the age of 14 from Napachie Ashoona. He enjoys carving anything unusual, but he is particulary good at carving polar bears and birds. Observing animals when going out on the land fishing and hunting inspires him.

Joseph, Chester

Chester Joseph was born on the Capilano reserve in 1963. His mother is from the eagle clan on Vancouver Island.He is best known for his bright red salmon eggs and his artwork is sought after throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the world.