Killiktee, Shorty

Shorty Killiktee was born August 20, 1949 near Lake Harbour. He preferred to work with ivory, etching especially, but was content with stone and antler. He was largely self-taught, but recalled watching others carve.

Manning, Johnny

Johnny Manning was born in 1956 in Cape Dorset. He currently resides in Cape Dorset, but has also lived in Lake Harbour. He comes from a long line of artists.

Kunnuk, Jayson Qajaaq

An experienced Inuk hunter and guide with excellent knowledge of the Igloolik area, his home community, Jayson Kunnuk is also an emerging artist, and has participated in several media art projects and events.

Youngfox, Cecil

Before his untimely death in 1987 at age 45, Cecil Youngfox had established himself as one of Canada’s leading native artists, renowned for his vivid, sensitive images of native cultural traditions.

Oman, Dawn

Dawn Oman, a Metis artist born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, is a direct descendant of Chief Snuff, Chief of the Yellow Knives, one of the signers of the original Treaty 8 with the Government of Canada.

Lonning, Odin

Odin Lonning (Tlingit name Sh

Reid, Bill

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Simionie, Eegeesiak

Eegeesiak Simionie was born on June 16, 1946 in Lake Harbour which is located on Baffin Island in Canada’s high arctic (Nunavut Territory). He was son of the late Inuit carver Simionie Kowjakoolook of Lake Harbour.

Chee Chee, Benjamin

Born in Temagami, Ontario, Chee Chee largely taught himself to draw and paint.

Shorty, Richard

Living in Vancouver, B.C., Richard Shorty has been an artist since 1965. Born in Whitehorse, Yukon, he started his career with portraits of rock stars, wildlife and scenic realism.