Pudlat, Johnnylee (Johnilee)

Johnny Lee comes from an illustrious family. His father was Saila Pudlat, also a carver, and his grandfather was Oshutsiaq Pudloo. He learned how to carve around the age of 12, by watching Nuna Parr and Kiuwak Ashoona carve.

Etidloie, Isacie

IIsaac is a gifted artist who learned how to carve from his father. Like his father, Isaci likes to carve birds, but he is equally interested in portraying the human figure and mythological imagery, and that is where his great technical control in depicting the movement and proportions is best represented.

Laurin, Francine

Francine Laurin was born in Sainte-Scholastique and studied art at the Universite du Quebec a Trois Rivieres. Today, her artwork is exhibited in Quebec City, Montreal, as well as in Europe.

Takpannie, Tommy Jr.

Tommy Takpannie Junior comes from a family of talented artists. His father, Tommy Takpannie Senior is a carver that is well known for his polar bear pieces. Tommy Jr.

Ragee, Joannie

Joanie learned how to carve from his brother Siutiapiq and his grandfather Inuk Munamie who are also artists.

Pootoogook, Cee

Cee Pootoogook was born in 1967 in Cape Dorset on Baffin Island. Cee comes from an illustrious family. Both his mother Napatchie and his grandmother Pitseolak Ashoona were renowned artists.

Parr, Nuna

Nuna Parr comes from an artistic family. His parents, the late Parr, and Eleeshushe, are renowned graphic artists from the older generation. His brother, Epirvik, is also a carver.

Papigatuk, Johnny

Johnny plans on staying in Cape Dorset and carving for a living. His work is shown in galleries throughout Canada and the United States.

Larko, Reggie

Reggie Larko is a Canadian artist who draws his inspiration from the beauty of the culture of North American first people.

Kingwasiak, King

King is the son of a well-known artist Iyola Kingwasiak (father) and graphic artist Pootoogook Kingwasiak (mother) both from Cape Dorset. Two older brothers Goo and Johnny with one sister Kaluituq are also living in Cape Dorset.